Ain't The Way

by Ensomniak

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This is a track idea I thought of a long time ago, but I figured I'd finally record and release something for it... And... It's FREE! (although if you want to toss some change my way to support me, I won't try to stop you) Just a little something to listen to as I work on my next project...


Don’t think that it’s malicious/ they’re just so superstitious
But I’m suspicious if/ you tell me that you’re religious
Not trying to be derisive/ but how’s your mental fitness
I wonder if it’s okay/ if you witness/ the fictitious
‘Cause this ain’t breaking mirrors/ or cats crossing your path
If it was that silly/ I’d write it off and just laugh
But the stakes are higher/ and the suffering’s real
So much pain caused/ all from something you feel
But you can’t understand/ you say mysterious ways
I’m serious/ you’re giving the deleterious praise
Oh you don’t see the harm/ then maybe check your vision
‘Cause faith can blind you from making some better decisions
I don’t have to cross my fingers/ this isn’t a lie
If it doesn’t make sense/ you can just toss it aside
Good luck won’t stop the bad/ and bad won’t stop the good
I wonder if the crucified/ ever knocked on wood

(When you believe in things
That you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way)

The basic stuff’s negated/ but those they complicated
Are concentrated/ conflated/ and then consecrated
The indoctrinated/ act like they’re intoxicated
Ideas get propagated/ but never corroborated
So wish upon a star/ it won’t make a difference
It’s not a system of ignorance/ promising deliverance
Like primitive/ prohibitive/ unobserved truths
Derivative or more diminutive/ world views
Your ancient books insisting/ it’s beyond comprehension
They want submission/ contrition/ I’m in opposition
To put it pure and simple/ it gets real consequential
If it prevents you from recognizing/ your full potential
Not always you that suffers/ but it’s society
‘Cause piety/ often leads to impropriety
Malign designs of the mind/ can put fear in you
To be scared of living free/ ain’t what we’re here to do

(When you believe in things
That you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way)


released March 12, 2017
Recorded/Mixed by Nyte
Instrumental by Get Moore Productions



all rights reserved


Ensomniak Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm a writer... a lyricist... I make hiphop music (although I can write for multiple genres)... This page is for my secular/atheist/rational music. I have some other work which due to the style, subject matter and language usage, would probably be categorized as nerdcore... If you are interested in hearing that, check out I make music for people who are willing to think. ... more

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